Angel Blue book

a Song of Redemption
Forrest Lang Author of Angel Blue Book

a Song of Redemption

Angel Blue is my journey from a life as a homeless foster kid who was raped, beaten and forgotten… to finding redemption in the war-torn country of Iraq. Upon returning to the U.S. I found community, and together we are blazing a trail to healing.

I’m Forrest, and I wrote Angel Blue to create an open conversation about CSA (child sex abuse). I am one voice of many in this strong community of survivors  that connect, share and heal together.

To all of you that have been part of this ABASOR (Angel Blue A Song Of Redemption) journey, I appreciate you.

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Forrest Lang

Author, Angel Blue Book


A homeless foster kid finds redemption in Iraq.
Forrest Lang Author of Angel Blue Book
The journey

When I started my journey to healing, I had a hard time finding other men that shared openly about their experiences. Feeling alone and hopeless, I knew that others probably did too. It hasn’t been easy, but I am tired of the silence and shame. I share my story to let you know you are not alone. Read more about how and why I wrote the book Angel Blue, a Song of Redemption and join the movement now.

Angel Blue a Song of Redemption

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