Angel Blue, a Song of Redemption, begins with a child’s battle with real-life monsters. The kind of monsters that fester in the deepest darkest alleyways of the human mind. We all know they exist, but few dare to speak the truth about them until now.

Forrest’s life spins into an unpredictable journey toward love and desire for recovery. A true-life story with confessions, realizations, a continuous battle with relapse, sexual abuse, suicidal tendencies, and the will to live. A story that plays out every day all over the world. This book is a beautiful symphony orchestrated to serve others to understand that it’s time victims and survivors speak up.

Angel Blue ends with your heart racing, your mind turning, and the absolute need to know if this beautiful soul will choose to love life and help himself? Will he succumb to his desire for recovery and healing? Will he change his subconscious desire for a slow death to numb the pain of the memories in his mind? A page-turner until the very end.

Forrest Lang Angel Blue Book Hard Cover

Hand drawn renderings by Forrest are included in the hardback version of Angel Blue, a Song of Redemption. Individual prints are not for sale.